Corrugated cardboard packaging

Our product list contains various corrugated cardboard packages. If you are in the need for a custom solution, we are most likely able to provide it.

Our daily tasks include the construction and production of corrugated cardboard packaging.


Food packaging

  • Packages for fish and meat products
  • Packages for milk and dairy products
  • Packages for fruits and vegetables
  • Alcohol packaging
  • Pizzaboxes

Our packgaging solutions guarantee the freshness and protection of your products. They also comply with food hygiene standards. Our packages can be altered to reflect the brand image of the producer by using multi color printing techniques

Industrial packaging

  • Packages for car parts
  • Packgages for chemicals
  • Window and door packgages

Our packgaging solutions are designed to protect your product. Special designs ensure economical efficiency no matter the size or shape of the product. We also have the expertise, certificates and UN-codes for producing packages for explosive and flammable products. 

Packages for consumer products

  • Packaging for electronic appliances
  • Packaging for furniture
  • Packaging for home care chemicals
  • Packaging for cosmetic and health care products
  • Shoe boxes

Our solutions protect your product and draw the consumers attention while promoting your brand image.

Transportation packages

Our corrugated cardboard solutions for transportation work in all conditions and climates. We can suggest and help to select suitable materials which ensure that your products arrive to their destination safely.

Dedicated packaging

  • Containers
  • Display packaging
  • Different pallets

In addition to transport, our packages help to display your products on store shelves. Your products are protected and visible! Our pallets and stands fulfill the same purpose.

Filling material for packaging

Filling material helps to protect your product during transport. We supply filling material and also machinery for perforating corrugated cardboard.

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During our long-term collaboration with Multipakend Tootmine OÜ we are convinced in their reliability and ability to offer modern packaging solutions and fast delivery