About Us

Multipakend Tootmine OÜ is a company producing corrugated board packaging. Its history began in 1995 by starting production in a workshop rented from the factory Mehis on Hobujaama Street.

In October 1997, the company moved to its own production facilities (workshop 1800 m2, warehouse 700 m2) on the address Tuuliku tee 4c. Today Multipakend Tootmine OÜ employs 40 persons.

During such a short time we have completely replaced the previous old equipment with new machinery which is more productive and enables higher quality. This allows us to offer shorter order fulfilment times and it improves the quality of flexographic printing.

The size of the order is decided by the customer. We can produce batches starting from a single box to tens of thousands of packages. Even in the case of larger orders we offer an order fulfilment time of 7–14 days. If it is really urgent, we can complete the order in 1–3 days. We also offer the delivery of the goods.

Our long experience and steady cooperation with our customers has increased our expertise and flexibility in searching and finding new ideas and solutions. While initially we provided our customers only the simplest packaging, we can now produce very complex die-cut boxes with multi-colour print and laminate.

The product range of corrugated board in production is very wide. This enables us to find the best price-quality ratio for meeting the customer’s needs. In cooperation with the customer we will always find the best solution for the ordered packaging. Numerous companies producing foodstuffs, pastries, furniture, electronics etc. have found good packaging for their products from us.

We are a youthful and dynamic company who has potential and ambition for growth. The company’s growth has been steady – the turnover has reached 4 million euro and about 30–35% amounts to export.
We believe that expertise and punctual fulfilment of orders are the only ways to success and loyal customers.

Multipakend Tootmine OÜ is known as a company you can rely on.


During our long-term collaboration with Multipakend Tootmine OÜ we are convinced in their reliability and ability to offer modern packaging solutions and fast delivery